Wenceslao Sandoval 

Illustrious 26 year career as a chef at four and five diamond restaurants. I look forward to bringing seafood dishes as well as incorporating the fresh produce provided by the cafe's own garden. 

Susan Boadella 

Opened Maine Street Cafe in 2007 with a enthusiastic approach and willing to adapt to changing atmosphere. Enjoys the kitchen and getting to know the customers and listening to new ideas. I am very happy with what the restaurant has become an what the future holds. 

Thomas Reeves

A retired marine a lieutenant colonel who served in Korea and Vietnam. Helped in building a Naval Stike Warfare Center at NAS Fallon in the mid 80's. He belonged to the Marine All Weather Fighter Squadron and flew an F4D-1 and later a F6A. He has loved Maine Street Cafe his  only and favorite place to eat which encouraged him to proudly invest and be an advisor to the business.